Full time Logistics Coordinator

Company Name:
Start date: 2014-10-02T16:05:53.417
Salary period: Annual
Full time Logistics Coordinator Superior, WI Responsible for establishing contacts and communicates with new, existing, and potential customers to solicit and book freight. Creates and builds customer relationships. Solicit and build customers and determine Carriers that can serve consistent lanes for shippers that provide loads that can be moved through Logistics. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Initiates contact with existing, new, and potential customers in order to secure freight and find opportunities for freight. Books freight and makes appointments. Plans and coordinates deliveries and pickups with the customer or Carrier. Ensures the information on pickups and deliveries is accurate prior to sending it on to the appropriate Carrier via "rate negotiation" generated by computer. Follows through to ensure the loads tendered to Carriers are picked up, delivered on time and carried out within the customers expectations. In doing so, will also interact and follow up with the Carrier, their drivers, and Shippers. This should be done with phone calls to the Carrier representative and/or the driver on the shipment. Responds to Web tenders and load confirmations utilizing EDI. Maintains on-going customer and Carrier relationships. Maintains up-to-date awareness of the industry trends and customers and brokers business status. Attends staff meetings and training programs. Attend work consistently and punctually. Requests time off per policy. Ability to achieve goals set forth by management. Provides backup to other Logistics/Operations staff as needed. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. Wages based on experience. Email resumes to:

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